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True Blue Hospitality
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Receivership Services and SC Bankruptcy Trustee

True Blue Hospitality Services
​True Blue Hospitality is currently available to provide Receivership Duties and/or short-term management/consulting for income-producing assets including hotels, condo-hotels, apartments, condominiums and retail properties.We are also a certified Bankruptcy Trustee in the state of South Carolina. From receivership to takeover to rehab to management to sale, we can handle it all for your property! Located in Charleston, SC, True Blue Hospitality can provide immediate relief to lenders and attorneys needing quick results.  

Pre-takeover consulting
Initial and ongoing court appearances and reporting
Seizure of assets and securing of cash
Safeguarding of assets
Management of relationships with debtor, attorneys, lender and the Court
Overview of operations, budgeting and asset management
Taking inventories
Negotiations with franchisor
Negotiation with various insurance carriers
Renegotiation, termination, or transferring of licenses as appropriate
Dealing with vendor contracts to be notified, reviewed, renegotiated, etc.
Capital expenditure analysis and recommendations
Preparation of reports submitted to the court and/or financial institution/attorney
Cash monitoring of disbursements
Asset management plan
Ongoing operational management

True Blue Hospitality will provide the best solution for each asset in order to maximize its financial performance, operating condition and its valuation to a potential buyer.