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True Blue Hospitality
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Delight the Guest
At True Blue Hospitality, our most basic tenet of operating philosophy is “Delight the Guest.”

Our service, product, food and beverage operations are all in place for one reason--to serve and delight our guests.  And, at True Blue, we believe that when you delight your guests, significant financial rewards and employee satisfaction are the end result.

It is generally accepted that it costs eight times more to attract a new guest than to keep an existing one, and that employees who enjoy their job and the people they interact with will stay longer and have greater job satisfaction.  Therefore, higher occupancy, increased average daily rate, free publicity through word of mouth advertising and the attainment of guest satisfaction and quality awards all lead to the owner's financial success and highly motivated and satisfied employees.

Owners have a wonderful opportunity to delight guests in an independent small inn or hotel where True Blue Hospitality can employ the greatest level of operational freedom and creativity.  However, it is also possible to delight our guests in a franchised hotel operation. We have proven we can do it.  Past hotels we have been associated with have won such awards as "Hotel of the Year", "Lighthouse Award", "Newcomer Award" and more. 

“By delighting our guests, we attain superior financial performance for our owners, high employee satisfaction and constantly returning extremely satisfied customers. By employing the newest technologies and marketing strategies, we can deliver more guests to be delighted and continue the successful cycle of happy guests, successful owners and motivated, satisfied employees.” --David Kalik, True Blue President

That is what True Blue Hospitality does, 
and does really well!!!