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True Blue Hospitality
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Pre-Opening Assistance
True Blue Hospitality Services
It is critical to hire the right team when developing and constructing your new hotel. True Blue Hospitality has over fifty years of experience in assisting owners in building and opening their new hotel project. We will devote our efforts to help you meet your timeline and expectations by providing the following service: 

  • Interview and select interior design teams 
  • Assist design teams with furnishing selections (lobby, corridors, meeting rooms, guest     rooms,restaurant and lounge areas)
  • Create and implement the pre-opening marketing plan
  • Build pre-opening budgets (working capital, food, beverage, linens, china, etc.) 
  • Recruit, interview, and train all key management and sales personnel 
  • Establish definitive objectives for all departments 
  • Obtain any and all business licenses that includes restaurant, bar and signage 
  • Research and set pricing for rooms, food and beverage 
  • Develop specifications and bids on building insurance 
  • Develop relationships with guest suppliers and employee uniform vendors 
  • Interface with potential hotel concessionaires 
  • Develop employee benefit programs and policy manuals 
  • Develop strategic marketing plans with budget and action plans 
  • Implement aggressive sales efforts for each target market segment 
  • Employ “pull” strategies to stimulate customer interest through innovative programs (senior citizen account executive, frequent traveler, use of rapid transit media, etc.) 
  • Increase customer awareness with creative advertising 
  • Administrate all hotel policies 
  • Set up goals and budgets for each department 
  • Establish and follow up on preventative maintenance programs 
  • Develop and analyze long range pro forma 
  • Analyze and recommend appropriate financial structuring 
  • Coordinate appraisals and market studies 
  • Prepare marketing materials 
  • Prepare loan packages 
  • Utilize extensive contracts in the sale of hotel properties 
  • Locate potential hotel acquisitions
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